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V2 Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost


Lured by another one of Giselle’s false promises of friendship, Belle finds herself intruding on the Beast and one of the castle’s most closely guarded secrets: a beautiful woman frozen in crystal. As Belle learns more about her employer and the curse that afflicts him and his subjects, she must come to terms with the evil she will face as she continues the search for her mother—and the heartbreak she will suffer if she stays with the Beast any longer.

V3 Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost


FIND YOUR ROOTS The Beast accepts la Médium’s suspicious invitation to return to his homeland of Issus, and Belle is determined to follow after him in the hopes of confirming her mother’s whereabouts. Little does she know that la Médium has some grisly surprises in store for her as part of an intricate plot for vengeance. To overcome these challenges, Belle will need to rely on her own wits—and a few unlikely sources…

V4 Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost


GUARD YOUR SECRETS After a centuries-long slumber, the crystallized sleeping beauty finally awakens! Belle is forced to look on helplessly as the Beast is reunited with his beloved fiancée, her unrequited feelings threatening to consume her. Things come to a head when those very feelings are accidentally revealed in front of all the castle residents, but luckily for Belle, an unexpected ally rushes to her aid...

V5 Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost

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Young and rambunctious Belle insists on going out to play in the forbidden woods, but her adventurous streak abruptly ends when her mother is spirited away by a beast known to kidnap beautiful women. Twisted by the loss of his wife, Belle's father keeps his daughter, who has unusual, violet hair, locked away in an effort to "protect" her from prying eyes. Finally emerging after years of solitude, Belle ventures back into the woods where she lost her mother and encounters the beast once more...

Available on 12/27/2022

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